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Creative Vignettes

This is where I publish creative ideas and vignettes to keep my storytelling muscles engaged. Having recently graduated from university, I'm looking forward to uploading more to this site.

If you want to see my longer works, please check out for my debut novel.


Conrad smiled as he gazed at the house in front of him. A square box with a black tiled roof and a fresh coat of white paint, the place towered over a neatly ordered yard of freshly mowed grass and carefully tended roses. Autumn leaves littered the ground like a blanket, creating a gentle carpet of soft yellows, tranquil reds, and peaceful oranges. A gentle breeze caressed his face, causing his hair to blow across his eyes. He smiled as he looked at the number on his door...

Havenshire Photo.png

 Helical Awakening

Russell opened the door to his hut. The air felt heavy with humidity. Today was the Helical Awakening and possibly the most important day of his research trip. The Rat Priest would open the black gate to the walled-off section of the village. As a child, Russell had been fascinated with Ponce de Leon’s quest for the fountain of youth. To date, he had found nothing. Neither science nor hidden arcana had yielded answers. Yet this lead, to this small village in the remote regions of eastern Africa, still excited him...

Helical Awakening Photo.png

It Happened One Day

The dark silk of his suit jacket settled on his shoulders. Staring at the lattice gate in front of him, Samuel shifted his weight back and forth. Swaddled in the embrace of metal and creaking machinery, he waited for the signature buzz that meant a passenger was coming to ride the elevator. He straightened his lapels and stood a little taller. It was almost ten to six. She would be coming soon...

It Happened One Day Photo.png
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